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Autor Thema: Dragonbane Review Part 1 (the Days before)  (Gelesen 8614 mal)
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« Antworten #30 am: 17. August 2008, 15:06:57 »

Ich habe gerade eine Mail vom Veranstalter bekommen. Es gibt endlich eine Foto DVD und ein Buch zum Con.

Das Buch ist per PDF zum Download verfügbar.
Ich habe es noch nicht durchgelsen, aber auf den Bildern im PDF sind Lars und ich nur sehr kurz drauf und schwer zu entdecken.


Like dance and performance art, role-playing games too are an ephemeral
art form, When a role-playing session or live role-playing game (larp)
is over, the mutual creation of the game-master and the players is gone.
But especially larps, experienced on the entire body, can offer amazing
experiences, with memories, lessons, and insights affecting the players
years after the event.

The larp culture of the Nordic countries is remarkable in its artistic
ambition, and Finland also has a strong tradition in role-playing game
studies. To support both, the unique larp evaluation Dragonbane – The
Legacy is released in August, 2008. The 200 colour pages document the
whole story of the international larp Dragonbane, which was played in
Älvdalen, Sweden, in 2006. How a Finnish initiative grew into a
volunteer project involving over 400 people from all over Europe, and
produced a fantasy larp lasting for almost a week, with a functional
village, and an animatronic dragon. The project was revolutionary as a
role-playing game, but also as a volunteer project in the field of
international youth work, and the report is expected to benefit not only
role-playing game organizers, but also those planning any kind of
complex volunteer project.

The paper version of the evaluation is accompanied by a DVD, which among
other things contains thousands of images, patterns for all costumes
used in the game, building instructions for the houses, and recipes for
its food.

Dragonbane – The Legacy is written by Johanna Koljonen, Tiina Kuustie
and Tiinaliisa Multamäki.

Please find the book:

And order your printed copy (four color, with covers) at price of 35€ +
postal fees by sending us email. We have some 12 copies left. A printed
copy includes the Dragonbane DVD.

Note, that the DVD is available also separately at price of 20€.

Both prices are already lowered for the players and organizers.
We will add the P&P fees on top of the list prices.

Sincerely Yours,

- --
Timo Multamäki                  www.kommuuni.net
+358-40-5479523                 www.dawnmatrix.com
timo.multamaki@kommuuni.net     www.eigenor.com

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